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  1. I can, im just slow lol. I have the biscayne to work on now and the ES to daily drive, the ram just sits for the most part. Wife commutes in her civic.
  2. Things are looking up for me (us)! We are putting our current home on the market June 1st. For those that don't know, my current home was donated to me by Military Warrior's Support Foundation. They buy, renovate, and donate homes to combat wounded veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. I have lived here since 3/2014. I went through a divorce here, got married again here, and had many memories here. This home has been vital to my transition from active military to retirement. At 30 years old, I never thought I would be retired, but the VA says no. I am so blessed to have had this gift to give me a leg up. Now that we are graduates of the MWSF Homes4WoundedHeroes program, we can sell the home and use the proceeds to buy something more suited to our needs and style, and indeed the Foundation encourages us to do just that if we find we have outgrown the home we were given. So, after many months of deliberation, we have finally chosen a new place. Best part is, it is only 5 minutes from our current one. Without further ado, I present Casa de ArmyofOne 2.0: ^We chose elevation B. Don't mind my expert artistic drawing. :P ^Cabinet finish we chose ^exterior brick we chose ^hardwood-look ceramic tile we chose (with dark grout) ^Master bath ^master bedroom Upgrades we added: a third garage stone faced wood-burning fireplace with stained cedar mantle. extended privacy fence to rear of 3rd garage upgraded front landscaping frosted master bath glass around tub. dark walnut hardwood-look ceramic tile throughout the common areas of the home (kitchen, dining area, hall, and foyer) 12" travertine tile in both bathrooms, and laundry. mowhawk carpet with 3/4" pad in all bedrooms and front study seamless gutters all around. 220 in the garage and raised garage ceiling in center garage bay to allow for auto lift. custom closet organization in master closet extra 110 power outlets in garage wired and braced for ceiling fan on back porch ceiling fan in master power outlets in the eves of the roof in the front power outlets in the eves of the roof in the rear of the back porch Upgraded exterior lighting Walkthrough video: Altogether, after closing, we will be at $285k. We will put $182k cash down and finance the rest on a VA loan. :)
  3. Sorry for the late reply, it was my neighbors insurance, and it was $848 for a new OEM bumper and paint to match (no blending).
  4. All fixed! They did an awesome job on the paint match! The only thing they painted was the bumper and they managed to match the Crystal White Pearl Tricoat PERFECTLY: I really thought they were going to have to blend it in. They did a color match. Their paint guy has been mixing paint and painting cars for 33 years. He did an outstanding job.
  5. State Farm is doing it, not me. A local body shop I trust is doing the repairs. State farm approved the bumper cover replacement with a Lexus OEM part, and the paint will be laser color matched to the car with DuPont tricoat pearl paint based off the color code 062 (Lexus Crystal White Tricoat) but then custom mixed to match the car exactly.
  6. Neighbors insurance (state-farm) called me today. I take it in wednesday to their adjuster to have them look at it. If their numbers jive with my body shop's estimate, they will cut me a check and I can go get it fixed. If there is a discrepency, They will still cut me a check, and my body shop can file a supplement with State Farm to recoup the extra cost on the back end.
  7. Actually it was 2 to Iraq, and 1 to Afghanistan, but close enough LOL. Seen inside one trash can, seen 'em all.
  8. It doesn't even have plates on it yet :( Doing yard work today. Backed the ES out into the cul-de-sac so I could spray weed killer in the (gravel) side of my driveway. About 10 minutes later I am diligently spraying with my back turned to the car and I hear the neighbor lady get in her car (we are all close friends here on the circle). Not 10 seconds later, I hear "CRACK" and I swing around and see the ES settling back down after being smacked and her blue expedition pulling back forward. She gets out of her car and its all she can do to not bust into tears. She's a single mom, and shes already had a tough day. I was !Removed! as hell until I realized it was her. I quickly calmed down. I thought it was some idiot flipping a u-turn in the circle carelessly and too fast as they often do and smacked my car till I looked up and saw it was her. I looked at the car, it's the back bumper, on the side where the scrape marks already were. There is a good size scuff and crease in the bumper cover, paint is wrinkled and so is the plastic. Cover will have to be replaced and painted. No damage to metal or taillamp lenses. She felt awful. I was planning to repaint the cover anyway, but now it looks like State Farm gets to do it for me. In all honestly she was more upset about it than I was. It's just a car. I am glad she wasn't hurt, even though it was simply parking lot speeds. It sucks, but its no big deal. I see how it could happen, I am never parked there.
  9. Yes I am doing very well, Thank you! Glad to see you are still here lenore!
  10. Thanks bud! I am a retired CE as well! Was also a Diesel Mechanic/Heavy Equipment Recovery Operator (HERO). The Biscayne is a relic. No other word for it. I can't get it to turn over. We are in the very beginnings of the restoration. Its out back under a cover, I don't even have a plan for it just yet. Very rare. There are probably less than a hundred original examples left in the world, and probably less than 10 of them are bare bones like mine (no power brakes, no AC, 3 on the tree, inline 6, AM radio.) On the one hand I want to keep her original, but on the other hand, a big block and a turbo-400 would make her much more streetable.
  11. Many of you may not remember me. It's been a LONG time. I first joined here back in 2004? I think? I had a 1990 ES250. That was some years ago. I had a blast with that car. Restoring it, going to meets, it was so smooth to drive. I loved it. Then, one day in 2005, I totalled it in a collision in Fort Worth TX. Shortly after that I joined the army. I still stuck around the forums, but couldn't get back in a Lexus for awhile due to monetary constraints, deployments to combat, and getting married. Fast forward to January 2014. I am Medically retiring from the US Army after 8.5 years of honorable service. I got hurt on my 3rd combat tour (IED Strike, broke L1-L5, T11, and T12, shattered my right hip, broke 3 ribs on my right side and broke my right shoulder) and after many months of rehabilitation I was retired. I returned home to Texas, and I was given a home by a wonderful organization called Military Warrior's Support Foundation. They buy, renovate and donate homes to Combat-Wounded Veterans and Gold-Star Families. Shortly after that, my wife left me. There were many reasons for that I wont get into here, but both of us were at fault, and now both of us are better off. I have since remarried and I am happier than I have ever been. And now, I am in school, completely retired, but my degree has always been a dream of mine so I am going to pursue it, even though I can't ever work again due to my issues. My Bachelor's of Applied Arts and Science in Organizational Leadership and Management is just around the corner! In my stable, I currently have a 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie 4x4: My new wife has a 2014 Honda Civic EX: I recently acquired a 1964 Chevrolet Biscayne for $300 I am going to restore. It has 20,452 original miles and is all #'s matching. I found it in a barn in Gainesville TX: But, the real reason I am because I finally, after nearly 15 years...have come back to my roots. We are now the proud owners of a Crystal White Tri-Coat 2002 Lexus ES300. One owner, clean carfax, all services performed on-time at Sewell Lexus-Fort Worth. Price paid was $4800+TTL ($5500 OTD): ^the night we brought her home, before I cleaned the headlights. ^That gorgeous white pearl paint was nearly flawless! ^as was the interior! ^151,260 miles when we bought it. We had to drive 3 hours to get it! ^It had new Michelins on it! ^Full service history with a timing belt/water pump/tensioner done at 89,557 miles! ^has all the keys and books, even the window sticker! ^After I polished the headlamps ^got a 5% strip on the windshield and 5% tint on the moonroof. Ever since my Traumatic Brain Injury in the IED strike my eyes are really photosensitive. ^LED Reverse Lamps and Plate Lamps ^LED Puddles ^LED Dome Light ^Replacement HID bulbs. The originals were beginning to show their age, they were almost a pinkish color? So I replaced them with some OEM type bulbs from I also upgraded the Fogs to 55w 3000k HID, and put 5500k Philips LED's in the upper right corner of the headlamps. ^they really dont glare that bad, my phone just took a bad pic
  12. Believe me when I say that I am not overly excited about this, but it is growing on me. We had to trade in the truck yesterday evening. When I left the service, my new job, while welcome and fun (love it), afforded me a nice 50% pay cut, but I am not getting shot at, spending years at a time away from home, or working for kindergarteners with money. That said, I always told my wife that if the truck ever became a burden, I would sell it in a heartbeat. That was the ONLY condition she had with me getting one to begin with, and of course, I agreed. With my 100 mile per day commute, I just could not justify the fuel anymore. Add that to the fact that everything here is so damned far away from everything else, and well...something had to give. We were putting 1000 miles a week on the truck between work and random other stuff, the 22 year-old escort (while fine for a back-up car/round-town runabout) cannot be a primary mode of transport for a daily commute of 100 miles round trip. So, last monday, I put the boat up for sale. It was gone on friday. I hadnt used it in a year, its been sitting, I just don't have the time to even think about fishing. Then yesterday, after work, I did one of the hardest things I have ever had to do...and gave up my Ram. It should have been easy, but it wasnt. So anyway, here I am, trying to get excited about the new purchase, and its growing on me. So without further ado, here she is!
  13. 92 Ford Escort LX hatch. I pulled the axles, dropped the trans...found this: 106,500 mi. only 12k of those are my miles. Someone couldn't drive, and it werent me. :eek2: :p Car was still moving under its own power, just required a lot of feathering off the line, and sometimes would shriek if I held the feather too long. OEM clutch, 22 years old. While im in there, I am replacing the CV driveaxles with new, not remanned units, I replaced the output seals on the tranny, I am replacing the flywheel and the throwout bearing. Master and slave cylinders are less than 6 months old so not doing those. annnnnnd.... Boom-shackalacka. All done. Drives like a new car. I need to torque the driveaxle nuts (they are at 150 ft-lbs now, biggest tq wrench I had), when I get to work on friday morning I will hit 'em with the impact we use on big-rigs and pound the retainer ring down into the axle slot. A few things i want to add. This is coming from a seasoned veteran of working on all things with wheels (and some things without wheels )... 1. Never attempt a job like this without some kind of prybar, preferably one that looks like it could kill someone. The bigger the better. Many times on this job i found myself wishing I had not left that particular item at the shop 50 miles away. 2. Grab a BFH from harbor freight. It will save you! 3. Grab a neighbor, or a buddy, or your wife to lend a hand. in this case, 4 hands are better than 2, and if you get one person working up top on the intake and that area, while you work down under the car, things tend to go faster. 3. Don't disconnect the clutch hydraulic lines unless you are replacing the fluid. There is no need. 4. Its a lot easier and less messy to pull the transmission when changing the clutch instead of the engine and trans together. Cheaper too. Less wires to mess with, you dont have to dump the coolant, and the trans is fairly easy and lightweight enough to maneuver and take out the bottom of the car. All I had to buy was 3 qts of trans fluid. 5. Before you start the job, if you dont have a MASSIVE compressor with air tools, swing by your local auto shop and have them zip the axle nuts loose and re-torque to 100ft-lbs. Its enough to get you home but loose enough you can back them off with a ratchet. I screwed around with mine for 2 hrs before I took it up to a shop down the road. Most places will do this for little or no money. 6. Never use a cheater pipe on a racthet. My knee hurts. I knew this one, but I was retarded and did it anyway. 7. While doing this job, since you have to remove the driveaxles anyway, REPLACE THE SEALS ON THE TRANSMISSION. I cant stress this enough. $10 now, will save you a ****load of heartache later. 8. Mark all of your electrical connections. 9. when you take a nut off of the bolt, or a bolt out of a hole, when possible thread it back where it goes so you dont lose it! 10. Last but not least, when doing a clutch, dont cheap out. Buy the whole damn kit. For $20 more I got the clutch, the pilot and throw-out bearing, and the alignment tool. Oh, and dont resurface your flywheel unless you are broke. They are $50 new or $25 to have them machined. Its easier to have the part on hand and just replace it than to take it out and have to take it somewhere. Seriously though, I never thought an escort could drive this good.
  14. More Pix! ^Living Room ^Dining Room ^Galley Kitchen ^Living Room again (Front door is on your left) ^Master bedroom (HUGE walk in closet. Its the size of a 4th bedroom Beautiful Texas Door ^Garage ^And a welcome home.
  15. Morrison family move 2.0! First mod to the house is definitely getting the fence fixed. Its coming apart in a few spots. After that, The 8ft wide gate will be cut in half and hinged at both ends to form a pair of 4 ft gates for access to the backyard with a bobcat or backhoe...just in case. After that, a 12'x12' sundeck off the back patio. From there, who knows?!