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  1. Incredible!! There are several reviews on You Tube about the LC 500, 2018. Each review almost runs out of adjectives trying to describe what a beautiful car this is. It's fun having all reviewers big smiles come to their faces when they first put the beast to the floor. The exhaust sound is amazing. At the mid $90s the LC 500 is in the range of the competitors pricing. I actually believe this fantastic Lexus newborn will rock the boys from Germany. Paul
  2. Hi Patrick, The AC could be low on Freon/ refrigerant. This could cause some of your symptoms. The heater issue could be a bad servo that opens and closes the little doors that control the amount of cool or hot air coming into the cabin. Paul
  3. Welcome Kevin. Paul
  4. Hi Tyler and welcome to the club. We look forward to your postings. Paul
  5. Lexus has received new J D Power awards, but is now struggling to get back its former top ratings. Industry followers say it's not that Lexus quality has slipped, its that the other car makers are getting a whole lot better. Read the article below. Paul
  6. Hi John and welcome! We have a 2016 RX and have about 6500 miles on it. We love the crossover size and the interior is way cool. Even the mpg is not bad. On interstate driving we've gotten close to 30 mpg. I've had 3. ES350's and you defiantly do not get the smooth and quiiiet ride of the ES. I have found that over time, I have adjusted to the bumps and stiffer suspension. By the way, the RX350 is the best selling car that Lexus product.
  7. Hi folks. I ran across this the other day and thought you would enjoy reading more good news about your decision to buy a Lexus.
  8. Do you think the yachts will have a carport? LOL Paul
  9. Wow....I'm not sure if this idea really makes any sense. At first blush I guess their going to start selling trailer hitches for Lexus models!.....LOL
  10. Hi guys, The fuel injectors making noise is probably the correct answer. Around the 2007 - 2011 period, Owners complained about a similar sound but it was caused by "Piston Slap:. For some reason the manufacturing or engineering design was off. Like your noise, the problem went away as the engine warmed up which is the opposite of your problem. Sorry I can't offer anything more helpful. You might find more information of use by doing a search of our data base. Paul
  11. Hi Diego. The big black knob should come off by turning it counter clockwise. A hammer and screwdriver should get it started..... put the screwdriver against the notch on the nob and then hit the screwdriver on the handle. From the look of the corrosion on the rim, your black knob could be corroded to the screw bolt the knob screws onto. You need to figure out where all of the corrosion is coming from. Paul
  12. Felix814 Hi and welcome. Gene makes some good points and I would encourage you to follow up on those. Also, as Gene also said, there is a major problem some where with your trany. But, am I correctly understanding that all of your electrical parts go out (except radio and windows) when this slip happens? Do you have to replace fuses or alternator fuse? Has anyone been able to pull down the codes? It sure sounds like something other than the trany. For the best technical information on Lexus, I suggest going to Toyota Information Service - This is Toyota's main site for tech info for Lexus, Toyota, an Scion. They charge $15. for 48 hours of use. Everything you need is probably there. Let us know how things are going. Paul
  13. Hi Danny, The product they use for this application feels just like the regular paint finish. In fact, I've looked at cars with this product and I could not tell where the edge of the product started or stopped. It's pretty cool. But, there is more than one brand of this film and some people have not been happy with the end result. If my memory is correct, 3M has been a favorite. I would suggest going through our data base and read what others had said. One other caution; the final results are bad if the installer doesn't know what their doing. You should ask around and get some opinions from previous customers. Paul
  14. Hi Mike. In the past, wet carpet could also be caused by a blocked roof rain channel which let the water run over into the floor. This problem is only seen in either the passenger or drivers side. Not both at the same time. Trevor is probably right on the money. I just wanted you to know the difference in case your doing a search for the problem. Paul
  15. Hi Steve and welcome. Over the years I have had five Lexus ES & RX 350. All of them have had heated and cooled seats. The heated feature works well but the cooled seats have never worked. A lot of us have tossed this problem around and some say theirs works, others, no. The heat feature works using a heating element. The cooling feature use's just blowing air through the seat cushions. I have taken my cars in on numerous occasions, but there is no fix. I would suggest doing a search of our database for more information and opinions. Let us know how things turn out. Paul