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  1. Hi Steve and welcome. Over the years I have had five Lexus ES & RX 350. All of them have had heated and cooled seats. The heated feature works well but the cooled seats have never worked. A lot of us have tossed this problem around and some say theirs works, others, no. The heat feature works using a heating element. The cooling feature use's just blowing air through the seat cushions. I have taken my cars in on numerous occasions, but there is no fix. I would suggest doing a search of our database for more information and opinions. Let us know how things turn out. Paul
  2. I've had 3 new ES 350's and I have loved each one. I just don't see a full Lexus line with out a sedan.
  3. Hi Ric and welcome to the LOC. There are a lot of smart people on here and as you go on with your DIY post your question and some one should have an answer. Paul
  4. I assume the sub would be 4 ohms as well. For a huge amount of Lexus Technical information, go to " This is the official Toyota website for and all technical information. You must join and a two day use is $15. If you can't find it here you don't need it. LOL Paul
  5. Hi Peter and thank you for your feedback. The article you mentioned from above was from the Lexus Enthusiast site. I get mail from them daily and I have talked with some of the staff members. Internally, we have had talked once and awhile about approval to copy some of their information into the LOC. As always, big bugs regarding copyright. Look at the press release today from Lexus Enthusiast regarding a station wagon. Paul
  6. From the top brass at Lexus and Toyota comes this floater for the not to distant future. The sedans (mostly the ES line) has been playing second fiddle to the wildly popular SUV and CUV. The RX has been leading all Lexus sales for over ten years. As for me, the station wagon would have to equipped with it's own coffee machine and a set of flash light batteries as a source of power , going 300 miles before you need to put in new batteries. This would makes it the cheapest station wagon on the market to operate. I still have nightmares about those fun summer vacations with 8-10 hour drives every day, and only 4/60 air conditioning. (Does anyone know what 4/60 air conditioning is ? So, what do you think about a Lexus station wagon? Paul
  7. Well, I strongly doubt your problem is your speakers. Many Lexus cars have more miles than yours and have good, working speakers. With your speaker net work just failing at random it has to be something in the head unit or amplifier. Don't put any more money into speakers. Check with you local Lexus dealer and see if they can at least diagnosis the problem and what it will cost. The sub speaker is 8" inches, and the door speakers are 41/2" inches. The exact size of each speaker can change from model year, and interior lay out. If your IS has the small round tweeter on the top of the door, are 1"inch . Paul
  8. Hi Magommed and welcome. Don't worry about your English, it's fine. It is likely that your problem is not the speakers, but the amplifier and/or the crossover network. The speakers for the ML system are 4 ohms. You cannot replace a 4 ohm speaker with say a 8 ohm. That draws a lot more load on the amp and can hurt the head unit and/or amp. You didn't say why you replaced the sub- woofer. Given the age of yours it can start to come lose from the outer ring. Also, some folks complain about bits of fabric and such rattling as the cone moves up and down. I would strongly urge you to have your amp checked out and not to use it until you do. United Radio in New York City is an excellent source for parts and tech help. The ML amp from that date and up til about 2011, was famous for failure. Your Lexus dealer will be over the moon in price. I think you would get a better deal using a well known stereo shop. Let us know how things are going. Paul
  9. Hi Tae, Your right in that the RX and ES have some distinct differences. I've had several ES's and like you I love the smomth, and quiet ride. When we added the RX/ 2016 there was a difference in both of those features. You feel the pot holes more, and it is not quit as quiet as the ES. But when you think about it, It is hard to give a larger, heavier CUV with larger tires and still make it rugged enough to bust through those snow drifts. Paul What do any of you think about this?
  10. This is still speculation, but the the number of pieces needed to make it happen are getting fewer and fewer. This would make a major change in the ES and I for one immediately go to what would my ES be worth if this becomes a reality. This is one of those issues that can run rampant within the auto world and also the international financial markets. With the ES now being made in Kentucky, Lexus could potentially create a more feature rich ES and not have to move changes back and forth across the Pacific. Paul What do you think?
  11. I'm not 100% about this, but you might tr y "" From there you should find several tabs regarding owners manual. Paul
  12. Welcome! What a great LX. Good buy! Paul
  13. Thank you Rey for your great praise! Paul
  14. Once again, Kelley Blue Book has named Lexus the best luxury brand based on consumer information. This means the best in quality, reliability, and value. Go to this link for all of this information. Any reactions? Paul
  15. Wow!! That is a beautiful home. We moved to a town home 3 years ago after living in the old home for 26 years. We found that we still have the old memories but have been making new ones quickly. After your injuries in Afghanistan were treated are you able to still work on your truck? I wondered if you were agile enough to get up and down from the floor. Congratulations on your new new life. Paul