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  1. Hi Ron and welcome to the Club. In some ways your situation is not unusual. It was true that until Lexus redisigned much of the ES, the Camry and ES shared the same body and other non drive train parts. The 2013 ES350 ,inmy opinion is a great car and espeialy the 2016s are xcellent. We have a 2013 ES and a new model RX 350. Both are by far the best of middle-priced luxury cars. Now I'll get to the point you wanted. Sorry about that. As I mentioned above, Lexus has moved away from a lot of the same parts for the two models. Many of our members will purchase a part at the Lexus dealer and take it to the Toyota dealer to have them install it. This can save a good deal on labor cost. However, since the redesign of the ES, the number of interchangeable parts may be limited. Other maintenance can easily be done by the Toyota dealer. Some times the Lexus parts department will meet an advertised price for parts. This can apply to parts on the internet. You must take a copy of your ad or estimate signed by the person that gave you the estimate You should be fine with using either shop. BUT, the savings is only as good as the quality of the dealers service.Ask your Lexus service manager what is included with their oil change. My Lexus dealer provides a free loaner car for use all day, and even into the next day if required. Also, they do a complete wash and vacuum. In the winter I take my summer tires off and put on my snow tires. The Lexus dealer comes out to my house and picks up my snow's, takes them to the dealer, and do the swap. Then the tire guy brings the summer tires back to my house and all of this at no charge. In the beginning I asked the service guy if they could do this as the 4 tires would.not fit the ES. This is a big deal for me. Please let me know if any of this is useful. Please let me know if this information is helpful. Paul
  2. Hi Gene and welcome to the club. I'm afraid I can't help you. This something I don't have any info worth reading. What I am going to do is give you the information on one of our Moderators who has a very deep technicall background. His name if Ralph. Jim is another member who has worked on Lexus since 1999. Jim is at: Please come back and let us know how things turned out. Paul
  3. Hey Ralph, welcome to the LOC! Be sure to check out the RX forum. I love our 2016. They just keep getting better. Paul
  4. Hi Lenore, Your right and thanks for your reminder regarding Army One. He has been a long time member and has been a source of technical knowledge. We also want to thank Army One for his service in Afghanistan, and if I remember right he made two deployments to Afghanistan. Thanks Army and good to have you back!! Paul
  5. For both January and February Lexus US sales were dismal. For all models combined, sales were -20% lower than 2016. Lexus explained that very low inventories in the USA left not enough product to meet demand. Have any of you have had an experience like this when buying your Lexus? Paul
  6. Lexus has opened a fish restaurant in Rome. That's right, a fish restaurant. This link takes you to a tour of the restaurant. I have no idea why they would do this. Maybe when you buy a Lexus model they'll give you a box of fish sticks. LOL Paul
  7. As always Jim, good information. Paul
  8. Sorry Craig. The above original post has been corrected. Thanks for the heads us.
  9. Hi David and welcome. These are just a shot in the dark but I hope they might help. The first is a short in a wiring harness... A blown fuse to a part of the amplifier.... A bad amplifier... Crossover failure.... any other SWAG! lol I don't know whether the power to the amp is divided or just one path. In the 90's Lexus used primarily Pioneer or Nakamichi (sp) stereos. In most cases the amplifier was mounted under the passenger seat, the glove box, or the trunk. With an RX, I really don't know where the amplifier was placed. Please come back and let us know what you find. Paul
  10. Here are the Stats from J D Power for reliability as it stands againts all other makes. The computations are drawn from occurrences per 100 units. Do you thin these results are accurate? Please people, Tell us what you think. Do you have any suggestions? Paul
  11. Hi Gunnie and welcome. You should be able to go on Generally they offer a section on warranties for different models and years. The site should tell when the service needs to be done and a menu of what is covered. Paul
  12. Having just gone through federal registrations, it feels like this L CF coupe will be ready for a coming out party later this year. A pic is attached. Paul
  13. Hi Trevor, Your right. Each side mirror has a round housing on the bottom of the assembly. I didn't have a chance to play around with the controls so I'm not sure how much control you would have over it's coverage. Paul
  14. Our daughter and son in law purchased a 2016 Honda crossover recently and are in love with it. When I got into it, and when reverse kicked in, their was a picture in the side mirror of the rear view image and it stayed on automatically until put into a forward gear. What a great feature. I have never seen this feature before, nor on any Lexus. Does anyone know more about this feature? Write in your thoughts. Paul
  15. Hi Dena and welcome, This is a new one. I've never heard of this problem before. This is just a way out there idea, but since the beep seems to start while the car is under a load maybe it might be linked to knocking using low octane gas. Like I said just an uneducated guess. Paul