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    Hi Nathan. I apologize for not connecting with you sooner. I am always amazed at the depth of friendship and caring that can be built with someone you have never met nor never knew what they looked like. The LOC is a place where those who enjoy their hobby can find others who like swapping stories with like minded friends. Landar was a great part of the LOC and was a great source of Lexus info and technical help. Thank you for letting us share your journey. Paul
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    Hey guys. I know I've hardly been around this forum even though I'm the LX moderator. Anyways I'm excited to pick up a new to me, CPO LX this coming weekend. I'll have to familiarize myself with the topics discussed here about this vehicle.
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    Possibly the receiver is damaged internally. Is there any drink spillage?
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    Actually my cell phone has the option to call then pause for an extension and it works fine....I am going to try to just transfer the the number/extension from my cell phone using a blutooth app on my phone to transfer to the nav system in the rx400, maybe that will work. I know directly inputting the number into the nav didn't work
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    I'm guessing that maybe a battery reset may bring the screen back to life...certainly worth trying as a starting point.
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    check your drive shaft cushions, differential mounts and ALL your rear suspension (and I dont mean to just LOOK at them) prize around on them like they are going 75mph. You might look on club lexus for 98 LS400 severe rear vibration
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    I tried that but unfortunately didn't work still
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    ...not to mention the other problem I stripped the McGARD security socket ordered 2 new ones and both of those stripped due to an apparent overly tight nut, so I hammered on a 3/4'' 1/2 drive 12pt socket and it came right off but I cant get the socket off the nut to do the other 3 because I don't have a strong enough vise and I don't want to bother using a torch so I ended up just ordering 3 more sockets I hate these security lug nuts there is 6 points of contact but the damn things are only a few millimeters deep what a crappy design... oh well