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    Hi Nathan. I apologize for not connecting with you sooner. I am always amazed at the depth of friendship and caring that can be built with someone you have never met nor never knew what they looked like. The LOC is a place where those who enjoy their hobby can find others who like swapping stories with like minded friends. Landar was a great part of the LOC and was a great source of Lexus info and technical help. Thank you for letting us share your journey. Paul
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    Actually my cell phone has the option to call then pause for an extension and it works fine....I am going to try to just transfer the the number/extension from my cell phone using a blutooth app on my phone to transfer to the nav system in the rx400, maybe that will work. I know directly inputting the number into the nav didn't work
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    Thanks guys! I got it posted. It is the SC from that post.
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    Selling a mint condition 2004 SC430 red convertible. Has a low 14,500 miles with an excellent service history. Bone stock, no modifications to the vehicle whatsoever. Great sounding v8 has a low throaty rumble than the quiet LS430’s. Car comes with some extras for storage in the winter months. Very clean car inside and out. Engine bay and undercarriage has absolutely no rust or corrosion. Both owners of this car took great care of it, not driving it in rain or salty roads. Everything on the car works as the first day it was sold. Maintenance has been well cared for as all oil changes were done well under 3000 miles with Mobil1 full synthetic. The timing belt is the exception as the car was not driven hard and stored in climate controlled garages. Has a clean CARFAX record. Exterior: Original paint with little to no swirls. Has not been polished, only washed and waxed by hand. No parking dings/dents have occurred. Headlights and tail lights are not fogged and do not have condensation. Windshield and side mirrors has no pits from road debris. Interior: Very supple leather, no scratches or frayed stitching, very soft. Steering wheel does not show any sign of wear or dents in the wood. Comes with aftermarket rubber floor mats for easy cleaning. Service History... 1st Owner: Recommended service history performed by Lexus of Mishawaka, logs are on lexus website. 2nd Owner: Recommended service history performed by owner every 3000 miles using Mobil1 Full Synthetic. Brake fluid was also changed. New battery was put in early August 2017. Purchased lightly used Bridgestone Continentals (dated 1212). A little bit about the owners... 1st Owner: A doctor from Warsaw, IN bought this car from Lexus of Mishawaka in 2004. Kept the car in climate controlled storage with a car jacket and taken out only during the summers. Never drove it in the rain or snow. Never took it out until May or June when the roads were clear of salt. 2nd Owner: An engineer from Granger, IN took possession on June 2015. A well known lexus enthusiast on the lexusownersclub forum unfortunately passed away. He babied it and continued to keep it well kept in a garage, sealed in a full car jacket with desiccant packs. It has been taken out only in summer months around May to October. Never taken out in rain or snow. Some extras to go along with… Bridgestone Potenza Run Flats - 4 set with factory Lexus SC430 rims, tread is worn, some light curb damage to rims Front Rubber Floor Mats Wheel Lock Key Kobalt Electric Air Pump- Does not come with a spare tire Fully enclosed Car Jacket- S3-1819 with desiccant packs KBB values it at $20,500 but does not take into account of its storage history and extras. Asking $23,000. Prefer buyer in person with cashier’s check or bank transfer. Able to negotiate on price. Buyer needs to arrange pick up before October otherwise it will stay in winter storage until May of 2018.
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    HEY GUYS - Back after at least 5 years absence! Recently took a stroll down memory lane on good old LOC reading some very fun old posts. What a hoot ! And I remember the huge Braintrust here as well, excellent 0 cost advice from some of you old Lex-gurus. Much of it better than a lot Stealers... So, shout out to all my old buds- u guys still here? Would love to start some crazy fun threads like the old days... it would be a hoot. Here's what I'm talkin bout: Good times. I know you can't go back but... Hey...Cheers anyway . eatingupblacktop JENunnez jcrome04 raymsixsix dcfish smooth1 And others I can't think of. You guys there? Anyone home? Well if not, Cheers anyway.
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    Still here and added a Toyota Solara convertible to my collection. Love this SC look alike. Yup Still have RX400h with 209k miles...what a ride. Still a hot rod.
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    Nathan, I knew the prognosis was not good but I was hoping your father would somehow make it through this. We PM'ed about it on the last day he was active on this forum. I would have liked to have met Randy in person but didn't know how to contact him after he dropped off the forum. Randy was incredibly helpful to others on this forum and it was always great fun to "talk" with him by PM. I assume you are talking about the red SC430: Perhaps a local Lexus dealer could provide suggestions on selling it or even sell it for you. Or maybe there is a business where you live that specializes in selling older pristine special interest cars on consignment. I'll bet this SC would sell in an instant if it was on a showroom floor.
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    Looks like they got it right on the side/ rear views, but screwed the pooch on the over the top grill work. I know the designers have to come up with something distinctive, but just... wow, not good. Reminds me of a baleen whale. But then I'm not much of a grill guy, except to put steaks on... Inside is stunning tho.
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    These seemingly unrelated problems sound like the old chronic Ls400 trunk hinge issue: "This same type of problem happened to me about a year ago. This smooth world class car started balking, cutting out, lurching, wild rpms, dash flickering, radio went out when hitting the brakes, just seemed ready for the junk yard. It happened all of a sudden. No warning. Now it's smooth as silk w/ 255,000 miles on it. Open the trunk. On the left side you will see a wire harness on the left hinge. After repeated openings and closings the wires inside that harness become fatigued and frayed. Then they start shorting out. Then sputtering, and stalling. This is a design flaw and lexus knows it. If this describes your problem, then remove the plastic bracket on the left hinge, strip down the harness, untwist all the wires, re-connect, then re-tape.. Don't assume they are good- strip them down and examine them. Make sure to leave off the hinge bracket that ensures tension on the harness. Just let the whole mess swing free and loose. In my case, problem solved, and no spending thousands of dollars in diagnostics, parts, and tech snafus. Best of all, it's free. Takes about 30 minutes." Post back what you see at the hinge. Alex
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    shame that nobody answers a lot of these questions on here. From what I have researched and talking to Lexus certified mechanics, it appears that the eco mode has the best effect when used during stop and go traffic. The primary changes made by the system is to change the throttle profile by essentially slowing down acceleration, shifting sooner (lower rpms), and scaling back devices that cause high energy drain from the motor (IE: air conditioner compressor and internal fan speed for climate control). Because of these functions, the effect of "eco mode" would be minimal when at highway speeds or maintaining a fairly constant speed. Normal mode is quite efficient and the unique ability of this motor to switch between the traditional Atkinson cycle and the Otto cycle will yield fairly good gas mileage even with the turbo. From my experience and what I have read online most owners that track their mpg manually notice less than a 1-2 mpg gain on long trips when this mode is enabled while highway driving.
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    ...not to mention the other problem I stripped the McGARD security socket ordered 2 new ones and both of those stripped due to an apparent overly tight nut, so I hammered on a 3/4'' 1/2 drive 12pt socket and it came right off but I cant get the socket off the nut to do the other 3 because I don't have a strong enough vise and I don't want to bother using a torch so I ended up just ordering 3 more sockets I hate these security lug nuts there is 6 points of contact but the damn things are only a few millimeters deep what a crappy design... oh well