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    We recently purchased a new 2017, Lexus RX350 and love it. Selling our original, one owner, 1994, LS400, with 88,000 miles. This superior designed and built, Generation 1 Lexus has been faithful to us as we have been faithful to it. We loved it and still love it. Its new owner will be blessed with full maintenance documentation and records from DAY ONE and any responses to any questions regarding its history will leave our hands with full disclosure of only "the truth". We would not hesitate to keep it and insure it with Hagerty Insurance as a "modern classic", BUT we do not have the room. If it should not sell to the right appreciative and discriminating buyer of this superior condition Lexus, we may have to make room! It is in truly excellent condition and will serve its new owner well. An ad is posted with Go to the ad directly from Classic Car's front page by entering "979779" in the "cc-" prompt where indicated. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions at
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    well I broke down and went to discount tires and bought a set of Michelin Latitude Touring HP tires for my 99 LS... I got 235 55 17's and I hope they hold up the rest of my life.... I am wanting to get it all fixed up for my wife.. now dont get me wrong, I am not planning to leave earth, but at 82 and not in good condition I just want to be ready.
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    Well, I did it! Installed today.... Looks great, sounds great. (Although my wife was a little upset with me when she heard it coming down the street. Oh well, the agreement was that it's "my toy" .)
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    Hi everyone ive just signed up,i love reading on here, In jan this year i brought a beautiful 1993 ls400 in dark blue,112k full service history,actually over serviced every 4000 miles at lexus .. ive always been a toyota fan ,having them as family cars when growing up, i have a toyota avensis t180 as day to day car,but always liked the ls, at first i was a bit sceptical about running fuel costs but i am very surprised how good it is,whats 20 pound of fuel for a days driving such a great car! Everything about them way out engineers a new car,the cruise control is excactly the same switch as my 2008 avensis so just shows toyota uses that phase if it aint broke dont fix it.... any way its an old car now so a couple of issues i want to ask you guys ,ive put a new rubber seal around boot as was getting condensation, the instrument panel the tips of needles dim,it doesnt bother me but would wonder if a cheap fix? i like to do things myself if i can, ive had a problem with the radio/cd its the pioneer premium sound system and the sound fades away and sometimes dont work at all the display works as do the antenna ,ive just ordered an amp of ebay so hopes it solves it, i just wondered as the sound quality aint as i was exptecting maybe 20 years have passed and i was expecting better? any how i look forward to hearing from some of you i will upload pics soon of my car cheers Dan
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    Hi Dan....welcome to the Club The best bet is to have mooch through the posts on here as I'm sure someone will have had the same problems and there will be many solutions to them. Look forward to seeing a piccy of the IS Cheers, Trevor
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    Hi Ric and welcome to the LOC. There are a lot of smart people on here and as you go on with your DIY post your question and some one should have an answer. Paul
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    Agreed, check the TPS, if you can, reset the ecu. because if you changed any inputs, it has to re-learn its parameters. also see fuel pressure, pressure regulator, and Air flow meter/air intake for any suspicious leaks or blockages. stumbling when you press the gas can sometimes be from either too much, or too little air.
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    After drinking my complimentary coffee. I asked the parts department lady if I can discuss the car with the techs. she says "sure, go out to talk to them" . one old schooler is in the car, with the diagnostics machine. running codes. with two lads looking on. i tell them about when it failed. and asked if it was a fault with the rear sensors? like water might have gotten into it? we took it over to the pit. where the problem was found. the lad in the pit held the sensor in "low", so the car would raise, then put it back on the lift to assess the damage. One of the brackets for the height sensor had clean snapped off. causing it to always think it was up. when in fact it was down. they sell the whole assembly (including suspension arm, actuator arm,sensor) for $500. i asked, can't we just tack this on with a MIG welder? lads agreed. $0 or $500. haha, they get paid hourly. and the consultation is free. so they were happy to explore the mysteries of the LS400/Celsior air suspension. tacking the bracket back on. but what caused it to snap? making the whole rear of the car fail? These actuator arms. both Left and Right had seized up. at both ends. not only causing the sensors to act up. but placing tension on the brackets because they have no movement. But why would i want to pay $1,000 for a whole kit (left and right), when it's just these 9.5cm rods with ball joints on the end,6mm thread, and 10mm nuts? when i could buy these adjustable ones...... fully adjustable links from the headlight assembly in the later Gen Celsiors/LS400's. strong enough for the load bearing needed. and fully adjustable to set the sensor height at whatever height i choose? (drop 2 inches) meaning i can run stock setup at a custom height? no brainer. @ $30 a piece. And for all their help? i didn't pay a cent. Big thanks to the lads at the Toyota Dealership. and the parts lady. they were patient. adventurous. and let me get involved. a fun time was had. - they understand that some parts i will buy used, or aftermarket. and some new parts from them . Excellent people. Thumbs up Toyota, you guys are awesome.
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    I assume the sub would be 4 ohms as well. For a huge amount of Lexus Technical information, go to " This is the official Toyota website for and all technical information. You must join and a two day use is $15. If you can't find it here you don't need it. LOL Paul
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    This is still speculation, but the the number of pieces needed to make it happen are getting fewer and fewer. This would make a major change in the ES and I for one immediately go to what would my ES be worth if this becomes a reality. This is one of those issues that can run rampant within the auto world and also the international financial markets. With the ES now being made in Kentucky, Lexus could potentially create a more feature rich ES and not have to move changes back and forth across the Pacific. Paul What do you think?
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    Well, I strongly doubt your problem is your speakers. Many Lexus cars have more miles than yours and have good, working speakers. With your speaker net work just failing at random it has to be something in the head unit or amplifier. Don't put any more money into speakers. Check with you local Lexus dealer and see if they can at least diagnosis the problem and what it will cost. The sub speaker is 8" inches, and the door speakers are 41/2" inches. The exact size of each speaker can change from model year, and interior lay out. If your IS has the small round tweeter on the top of the door, are 1"inch . Paul
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    found the following link on how to remove rear seat
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    Hello, my name is Gary M. Sigler, joined today, 5-6-17. I just bought a new 2016 GS F.
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    2016 GS F Nebula Gray Pearl
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    Heres an LC500 in person. It's awesome. I can't wait to get into this thing and test drive. It was dropped off at one of our Lexus training centers.
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    my 99LS turned over 200k in January and I replaced all recommended items and it is like new again. quiet and peppy....
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    I have a 2005 RX330, I got a recall on cracked dashboard and took the car to a local dealer to confirm. That was September 2015. I was told to wait 2-3 months to get the part in then they will call me. I called the dealer 3 month later, they told me to wait due to back order. I called them a few months later, a year later, and now about 17 months, they still tell me to wait. I wonder other Lexus owners have same experience and how long they wait to get the cracked dashboard replacement. There are more cracks and getting more ugly. I think waiting this long is not reasonable. What choice I have besides waiting indefinitely?
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    The pics are showing up now, thanks.
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    Thanks Micah, Dave and Craig!
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    Go to a Lexus dealership and get a battery there. Shouldn't be more than $120, and it's 5year warranty. I mean if you go anywhere else your gonna end up spending $100-$150 for a battery. I believe your battery should be rated at 575 cold cranking amps. Try eBay for your door handle or the junkyard.
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    Hmmm... Not sure how to fix that. The pics are on Photobucket, and I used direct links. I can copy the web address and paste it here? Micah Edit: I changed the privacy settings on the folder where the pictures are saved. It was set to 'private,' and I changed it to 'public'. Hopefully, you can see the pictures now.
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    yeah, changed them. like night and day. only at a cost of $100 had an indicator fail before roadworthy testing. must be an earthing issue. as others have found. the only issues with these cars is maintenance.
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    yes. Smack the dashboard. it will work. or you have bigger issues. had this last week. smacked the dash. and it has been fine since. just old electrical connections.
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    I saw this recently and thought I would share.
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    I hope that this will help somebody who is dealing with sudden and occasional loss of power on an early model LS400. This problem seems to be called “Limp Mode” in these forums. My model is a 1990 LS400, all original equipment, 205,000 miles, original owner. Symptoms: Sudden loss of power, as if out of fuel, while driving or waiting at a stop. Engine may seem as if it is stalling or idling rough. Applying gas does not increase idle speed, but may allow the car to move slowly, hence the term “Limp Mode’. No CEL. It can be quite scary if you are in traffic. It can also resolve itself if the car is cooled down, and may not happen again for months. Conditions: (In hindsight, these were important in my case) A relatively hot day, 75 F or more. Car had been sitting in the sun for a while. Gas was at or below a quarter tank full, but definitely not empty. On one occasion, AAA arrived and gave me some fuel and that fixed it. This should have been a clue. After reading the shop manual and many suggestions in this and other forums, I changed the following and other items: New Plugs, Igniters, Rotors, Ignition harness, Temp sensor, fuel filter, PCV…….checked the gas tank cap for proper sealing. I also checked and cleaned the throttle body and did the Seafoam thing as described elsewhere, cleaned the EGR filter. All of these items, plus new rear engine mount, helped restore the engine to much smoother operation. It seemed like the issue was resolved, until it happened one more time. This time, I bought a new Denso fuel pump from their website which was cheaper than anywhere else I could find. I drained the fuel tank, and the gas was remarkably clean, almost zero sediment. I also confirmed that when the red light comes on, there is 3 gallons left in the tank. So the fuel gauge was operating normally. Put in the new fuel pump. I am happy to report that the problem has been resolved since replacing the fuel pump, so you might consider doing this if you have the same problem under the same conditions. In hindsight, my explanation is that the fuel pump was failing when it got hot. Somewhere below a quarter tank, the pump motor is no longer bathed in fuel which normally helps it stay relatively cool. With hot gas on a hot day, the pump would overheat and either stop completely or go into a lower flow mode. If you take the pump out and test it, it will seem OK unless the same conditions are met. It’s been 2 years now, and the engine is still running smoothly. I’ve been through 2 summers and not seen the limp mode. Fingers crossed, it will stay fixed. Good luck in resolving your situation!
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    Hi - just wanted to thank blue06gs for the great bypass for dvd and dialing. only took bout an hour goin slow and it works absolutely perfect. no one should be hesistant to try this bypass. good luck and thanks!