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    • On the GS/LS/SC 430 you have 2 O² Sensor on each bank, one prior the cat and one after to monitor it's function. What is the exact fault code?
    • I would like to help, however i do not know what you mean by cooling fan pulley bracket?
    • I've used some poly bushings on my LS, with good success, but not for all the possible locations listed in that kit illustration:  Rear trailing arm/carrier bushings (Armstrong) and sway bar links (Daizen, IIRC).  For R&Ring the trailing arm bushings, I used a recip saw to cut out the remnants of the original bushings, which were toast on both of the LSes I've owned.  For some of the others, I suspect you may need access to a hydraulic press.  Installation was easy, as one would expect with three-piece poly bushings.  They've worn well for me; I've not replaced them so far (a few years/60k miles). Front upper control arms are enough of a wear item that the whole thing gets replaced when the upper ball joints inevitably wear out, so I don't bother there.  At least you have some options for shocks on the later cars; earlier LSes are pretty limited in the numbers of options available for good quality shocks. In my case, the poly swar bar bushings tightened things up, handling-wise.  I went with an Addco rear sway bar to take that further.  I've stuck with stock springing and KYB shock inserts, due to limited choices and the fact the car still occasionally gets used to carry clients in my business.  I like the stock ride characteristics, but do like to be able to hustle around corners.  The minor mods made my car more tossable, with fairly neutral steering characteristics in the twisties. HTH. Paul    
    • I have a 2006 RX400h that I received a Warranty Enhancement Notification (WEN) stating that they would replace my cracked dash and that I would be notified when a replacement part was available but was never notified about a replacement part being available.  I called the local dealer a few times in 2016 but was always told to wait for a notification letter.  I made the mistake of glancing at a notification that I received later and assuming that it was the notification that the replacement part was available and that I had until Dec 31, 2017 to have it replaced.  It turns out that was another WEN about a brake actuator and because I was never notified about a part being available, like the WEN stated I would be, I discovered that the WEN for the dash had expired.  When I contacted Lexus, they told me that I needed to take my car into a dealer to have inspected in order to get on a waiting list for the replacement part.   I had the car in the Lexus body shop and asked at the time if they could replace the dash while it was in the shop but they said that it would probably be a year before a dash was available and to wait for the letter from Lexus informing me that the part was available.  They did not tell me that I needed to have the service department inspect the car nor did the WEN mention that but Joy at Lexus Of America said that I needed to have had my car inspected in order to get notified.  THAT IS NOT WHAT THE WEN STATED!  I strongly feel that this is an attempt by Lexus to avoid replacing as many of these defective dashboards as possible.  I've read about others who waited over a year for a replacement to become available and those people mentioned having the service dept. inspect their car in order to get on a list and then there are others who gave up because the parts were never available.  I wonder how many people have been cheated out of this WEN because Lexus never notified people about the parts becoming available.
    • The Sensen assemblies look like they are 2-1/2 times the cost of the FCS assemblies.  It's hard to determine the difference between the different brands - need some sort of Consumer Reports testing on them all!
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