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    • Ive been having problems woth my trans its a 1990 im at 247k miles everytime i try to drive ot shifts into gear pretty hard then i can only go about a couple hundred feet and its like it shuts off the trans like im in nuetral in every gear and onl park works i turn the car off for a minute then back on and itll shift back into gear and do the same thing any help is appreciated 
    • The right channel failure in your Nakamichi system is likely a problem in the head unit as was mine and many others who have reported a similar problem.  I don't remember anyone reporting that the left channel failed - only the right channel. After the right channel of the Nak failed, I had a double DIN Kenwood head unit installed at Best Buy using the Nak amp under the passenger seat and all the Nak speakers including the Nak subwoofer.  The Kenwood didn't have quite the "presence" of the Nak head unit but it was  wonderful to have a modern system in my old 2000 LS400.  The Kenwood had a wonderful Bluetooth phone feature, 18 FM presets, equalizer, DVD video/CD player, sat radio ready, backup camera ready, A2DP Bluetooth audio streaming with specific Pandora support, hard wire aux-in, iPod control capability.  Total cost of the Kenwood head unit including installation was a hair under $500.  Don't let anyone tell you that the Nak amp can't be used with an aftermarket head unit and that you have to give up on your Nak subwoofer - absolutely not true.  PGW supplies OEM glass for Toyota/Lexus but I suppose it is possible that you didn't get OEM grade.  Your wind noise might be due to installation issues.  The last windshield I had installed in my 2000 LS400 was a $1,600 OEM windshield - same markings and color as the factory installed one.  The trim around the new windshield didn't fit all that well and I think that was the cause of most of the wind noise. There was a TSB about exterior mirror noise for the 1998-2000 LS400 which involved stuffing adhesive backed foam into the mirror housings.  By about the 5th year, most of the foam was coming out of the mirrors and I never had it replaced. Yep, I closed the driver door on the seat belt buckle within the first few months I had my 00 LS400.  I was more careful after that.  I had the driver door hinges replaced at some point but I didn't think doing that reduced the wind noise.  I should have replaced all the door gaskets. I liked my 00 LS400 a lot up to the day I sold it in 2014 to the same friend who had bought my 1990 LS400 11 years earlier.  It looked new inside and out and was in excellent mechanical condition when I sold it at just under 180,000 miles.  The main reason I moved on was that I wanted modern safety equipment like automatic emergency braking and and radar adaptive cruise control.      
    • It means when putting drain plug back on use a torque wrench and set it to 33ft lbs and tighten till the wrench starts clicking and then it is tighten the right amount not to to tight and not to loose
    • Correct but I tried and was getting very frustrated then found out there was another step first here's what I found  Turn the ignition switch to the “On” position, but do not start the engine
      If your car has START push-button , press the “Start” without touching the brake pedal. Press the odometer button until you see “ODO” (for 2004-2010 models) or “TRIP A” (for 2011-2015 models) Next, turn the ignition “off” Press and hold the Trip Odometer Reset button, and turn the ignition switch to the “On” position
      If your car has START push-button , press the “Start” twice without touching the brake pedal. Continue to hold down the Trip Odometer Reset button until “000000” MILES appears on the display and the maintenance light turns off.
    • Hello Jim, Thanks for your reply. I have been watching your posts for quite some time and they have been an extremely valuable source. Literally last night I was driving my LS400 when I noticed the right side speakers stopped working. I was a little puzzled as to how the whole right side went out in one go. I doubt I'll be able to find someone to fix this issue since Nakamichi parts are obsolete. I wonder if replacing the head unit would do the trick. I am a huge fan of keeping the stock appearance but given that I am stuck with AM/FM, Cassettes, and CDs, I am more compelled to change it with a head unit that has HD Radio, Sirius/XM, etc. The wind noise I am experiencing could be a result of two factors. My windshield is PGW and not Lexus. So while it is a quality windshield it probably isn't as thick as the original OEM. Also, I believe the driver side door is out of alignment and may need new hinges. The previous owner would shut the door with the seat belt buckle in the way and it caused dents on the inner panel and likely knocked it off alignment. This was likely due to the slow retracting seat belt but still no idea how the previous owner could have done it many times without checking the belt was out of the way when shutting the door. When I bought this LS400 in April 2017 there was an 2001 LS430 for sale for a similar price. I don't regret getting the LS400 as the design is better but I think the 430 would have been a smarter buy given advancements. But I purchased the LS400 as a second leisure car. People who have driven it can't believe it is nearly 20 years old. And this after the fact it needs new shocks and power steering rack. The 98-00 LS400 truly represents the best of the LS. Today it is considered "cool" and "vintage" while not looking too dated, especially the front, like previous LS'.
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