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  3. Oil change

    Polo67, Here's a free download for the Owner's Manual, etc.,: Gene
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  5. Exhaust Manifold Gasket oil leak

    It was definitely NOT the Manifold Gasket... and my last post said Ody (my other car), so the strain has shown... Repairs complete: Replace both side Valve Covers (gaskets) Replace Front Crank Seal and Replace two cam seals Replace lower oil pan gasket Change oil and Filter
  6. I have a 1994 Lexus ES300 with a good transmission. And I have a 1995 Lexus ES 300 with a bad transmission, The 95 Lexus It will drive but won’t reverse, I was told from 91-94 the have the same transmission. Then the 95 up. But The difference could be a sensor, can I put a 94 Lexus ES300 transmission in a 95 Lexus ES 300? Help me. Thank you!
  7. Tail Lamp Light Warning

    it is like working on your DOOR...... Take the trim panel off.... I did.... James, you may want someone to do it for you, while you watch..
  8. rear lower control arms

    do a search and see what others have done
  9. Oil change

    How often should I get an oil change for my 2007 Lexus ES
  10. Fuel Type

    Thanks, I was really concerned as to what type of gas to use.
  11. Fuel Type

    Polo67, Your ES350 is perfectly happy with regular unleaded fuel, and the engine was designed to use it specifically. Yes, you could put premium or mid grade fuel in it, but you wouldn't notice a performance difference, you won't hurt the engine, but you'd be wasting money you didn't need to spend. One of my toys is a 370z Roadster that requires premium unleaded fuel. Its labeled right on the gas gauge and on the inside of the fuel cap door as such. To not use premium fuel in it could cause detonation and melt pistons under hard acceleration. That engine was designed to use only premium fuel. To use a different grade would be foolish. Save your money for insurance, new tires, oil changes, all of those things that go along with car ownership, and forget about the fallacy that you need to use the best grade gasoline possible in every car. After all, the ES is not a sports car.
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  13. Tail Lamp Light Warning

    Hello All, The right side tail/brake light is out (in the trunk lid). There is a small plastic access door. I can't see how I can extract and install a new bulb, as the access outlet is quite small. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  14. Fuel Type

    What's the best grade of gas to use or is thee a true better grade than other grade?
  15. Paint Pealing On 2004 Gx 470

    My 2004 GX 470 (Sand Dollar Pearl) was the most dynamic vehicle I saw and rode at the auction the day I purchased it. There was a slight chip on roof then that I was determined to cover up professionally. Within months, the chip turned to chunks, right down to the primer. I had it prof painted to the tune of 1200.00 (parts of the roof rack later blew off on the highway from not being reinstalled properly and that set me back another 200.00). A few months after this event the tops of the doors started to chip down to the primer and the issue is growing substantially into an embarrassing eyesore. I see chips beginning to occur, which are also destined to reach junkyard-worthy status, on just about every area that faces upwards towards the sky. I would be outraged if not for the fact that everything else about the vehicle is fantastic. But really? The BODY of a car is its calling card, and to see such a collossal and consistent surface flaw juxtaposed to the iconic “L” symbol should be an utter disgrace to Lexus and Toyota, their brand, noteable customer service and high-quality standards. This has taken a debilitating shot to my sales efforts hauling clients around in what should be the epitome of luxury, comfort and reliability in an SUV as well. I see on this board that appealing to Lexus on this issue has been futile. This will not hinder me from attempting the very same challenge. Hate to sign off with this, but I feel comfort in knowing I am not alone in this event.
  16. Exhaust Manifold Gasket oil leak

    The Ody has really been stinkin' for quite a few months. The oil leak is much worse, and it drips onto the exhaust manifold. And it shows oil spots on the driveway now. I'm having the following repaired: Valve Gasket Oil pan Gasket Front main seal about 800$ of stuff. Hopefully this will stop all the leaks. The rear main seal is hopefully OK. I'll know after this crap is complete. Otherwise, it's about another 600$.
  17. Ok, thanks a lot fot your response, I've probably not found the right guy ! Regards
  18. Life Of A Cam And Crank Seal?

    Just a quick comment about the Crank and Cam seals. On my 2nd round of timing belt replacement, I wanted dealer to replaced both. However, only the crank seal was replaced. According to dealer, it would be very time consuming to tear down additional parts to replace the Cam seals b/c more parts have to be taken out, so obviously that'd drive up the cost. Watching a youtube video of similar gx470 engine shows that the dealer is correct. I elected to skip the Cam seal replacement.
  19. Go to "real" auto Locksmith ( LS). They are be able to program a valid lexus made Key. I own such a business and we do it all the time! If there are too many keys already programmed a real auto LS can wipe the computer clean ( just Like Clinton) and re program the keys you have.
  20. Hy everyone. First of all, I apologize about my English . . . I'm french ! I post here because after I had read lot on the subject, I can't have an answer about my questions. I'm a RX400h 2007 french owner and I bought it three years ago with only one black key with 3 remote buttons, fully functionnal ! My seller (multi mark seller not Lexus one) wasn't honest by mail and phone and after I spent 3 hours by train and one hour by taxi, he give me only one key and told me "Do you want it or no" . . . and I bought it ! In 2015, I tried to get another key with my Lexus Local Seller, but he told me he couldn't because my key is actualy known by "calculator" as a wallet one (not a master one) and so he couldn't programm a new one ! I tried to get one key with a local key store, and I've now a key without buttons and I can start engine with it but I can't switch off alarm with it so it is not very usefull. I bought a new blank key with remote on internet that was cut by a key store but wasn't programmed because no one here can do it! I'm now a bit lost . . . I want to know what can I do in that conext to have a new fully functionnal key with remote ! Thanks a lot to the community and thanks before your answer. Regards
  21. HI, cant play music from galaxy phone via Bluetooth nor AUX connected to my GX470 year 2007 ?? the phone is actually paired like i can use phone while driving but thats all (( no music connection please advice if you have any ideas or suggestion or maybe i'm doing something wrong ?? who knows ? ))
  22. I would like to change the sparkplugs on my 07 LS460. I have done this work on many various cars but not a Lexus. Is there anything different that I should know about.
  23. Right after left gas cap loose (cuz the hook/wouldn't let turn much) the Check Engine light came on and remains on even after tightening gas cap. Where is the OBD port location on the 2007 RX400h? What Diagnostic Scanner tool (from ebay/amazon or similar in USA) is good for this Hybrid and how do I clear/reset the check engine light?? Tanks!
  24. Is 300 wagon

    Got a flat on the rear passenger side but the spare is only for the front my rear is 225/45/17 so the spare will not work right???
  25. This is a new car to me that I bought with the no start engine. Only 42000 miles since last timing belt change . Here's what I found when I opened it up. Several bolts on water pump housing were loose. Alternator lower bolt was broken. The tensioner pulley was completely broken apart so I don't have any pictures of that . Water pump shaft was bent and water composed inoperative. That's why the coloring on the water pump pulley is shows discoloring from the Heat. Who knows what happened in terms of the sequence.... Anyone ever see this on a Lexus? I've had 10 Lexus before, worked as a mechanic 30 years, and I've never seen this before.
  26. I drove my 2015 RCF in Sports + on West Palm Beach track for 30 minutes four or five times the same day with no problems.
  27. That's the thing. What's considered a high failure rate. The issue is not isolated to the LX. On other forums and sites like repair pal there are a lot of complaints. One site shows complaints as far back as 2001 vehicles. I called United radio, who a lot of owners use to repair the amp and while they could not share how many repairs they got from Lexus owners grey did confirm that it is fairly often. This is sounding like a common issue to me. Even the dealer I took it to kinda confirmed that.
  28. I talk to myself more or less daily. Sometimes I get an answer or 2, often not. :) Probably not a recall if the failure rate is low. On a forum like this, you're not going to hear about ML equipment continuing to work'll only hear about the failures. OT...Necro thread, OP hasn't posted here since December of last year.
  29. Has anyone contacted Lexus and ask why this is not a recall. It seems to be a common issue.
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