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  1. Today
  2. Just returned from a full day of driving home from S.C. with the AC running in my 2012 RX 350. The carpet under the driver and passenger seat was wet, seemed to come from the vents located under the seats. Anyone have the same experience or hear of this being an issue? I bought this used a few years ago and just noticed the problem. Not saying it's a new problem, maybe I just never took notice.
  3. Yesterday
  4. So when the passenger seat is occupied, the light does not revert to "airbag on" . I pulled the front passenger seat and underneath the seat is a computer which says "Computer Occupant Detection". part no 89952-0w010...has anyone experienced a failure of this piece?
  5. Mew member driving 2004 sc430
  6. hey guys sorry I'm new to forums and things like this , but I have a 1998 sc400 and its been starting to make a scraping noise in the rear wheels , and it made a small screech at first and I thought it was gonna be okay (it was my dumb !Removed! mistake and totally forgot about it) and now its just scrapes until I get to roughly 35 mph , anyone know how to fix my stupid mistake ?
  7. I see that this topic was posted some time ago. Just want to be clear before attempting to remove the "cladding". It's not necessary for me to remove the interior panels to remove the exterior cladding? I'm thinking that maybe I can use a heat gun and plastic putty knife if necessary. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Code B1650 Greetings from a new club member. I just purchased a 2007 ES350 in really great shape, except for the passenger side airbag/ SRS light which indicates an error. OBD says only one code: “B1650” which means an “occupant Classification system malfunction”. I tried to erase the code several times with the scanner, and each time the error light instantly returned, so there is an obvious problem. It would be nice to avoid the stealership and fix it myself. Has anyone had success in fixing this problem, or have any tips to figure this out? Thank you in advance, and have a nice Memorial day weekend.
  9. Last week
  10. I am a owner of a 1991 Lexus and I recently hydroplane off the road. I love my car to pieces. The first mechanic told me there was absolutely anything he could do because he thought I had damaged my transmission or engine bc my car would not drive, but the gear shift wasn't stuck. My car will crank but I damaged my upper & lower oil pan and my rear differential. I have been quoted some pretty high prices almost as high as I paid for the car. I really want my baby back up & running and I came here to see if this a mechanical job that is costly? Should I just consider getting something else 😔 Pls respond.
  11. Yeah, I had to get it up on a lift. Best way to see what I got to work with. Glad I did. Now the car is back in the game. Just need to adjust the front links. so i can better calibrate the height controller. as it has an aftermarket controller, and i am not sure if i want to stick with it. there is still plenty more messing about left to do. the adventure continues.......
  12. thx i will check for "Superpro" hope i can get what i need.
  13. Since there are no schematics who knows. It is like something is connected wrong for that light.
  14. With that as the problem the pump would work, the sensor just reads the wrong height. With more info I think we could have figured out the sensor deal, it is electrical but also a mechanical problem.
  15. Sorry to ressurect an old thread, but I think this is important for Air strut owners. I think Lexus LS430 air struts get a bad rap. Mine in a 04 seem fine and have been checked recently by Lexus. And lexus noted my concern and reassured me that in his 15 years as service manager, they have never replaced any LS430 air struts. (could be they were so crazy expensive, nobody did replace them) Another friend of mine (certified toyota mechanic with 20 plus years experiance said the same thing though) But in case you need to replace your air struts, here;s a link to a solution. I found this at clublexus forum - Ebay link for rebuilding service Ls430 air strut question - ClubLexus - Lexus Forum Discussion& Good Luck
  16. I am sure it is a gem, but it is hard to beat a 98-2000 LS... and for me it would be a driver and that would ruin it..
  17. Well, the parts arrived. And I didn't want to be at work. So I called in some of my owed lift time at a local tire shop. And here they are: You can see the differences, and the similarities. - can be adjusted to OEM length. same mounting bolt sizes, only with more thread, which is a plus. one of the rods was broken in the fun and games at the Toyota Dealership. brought my excursion tool bag, and some tools. (forgot the 10mm, facepalm) This is the broken part before i removed it. you can see how it connects the sensor to the suspension arm. The new parts are not only adjustable, but if left loose, swivel too. a fully articulated actuator arm. with the rods set at low, and mounted at the lowest point available. the cat has got an inch and a half drop in the rear. now to adjust the front. air suspension is a funny thing. but not difficult. hopefully this has fixed my suspension. for $80. not $1,000. saved some money with this, and am happy with the result. good times.
  18. Morning! Thank you SO MUCH for this list! Does anyone know the commands to switch to the AUX mode? I have a 2006 IS350 and the CD button works, but that button also serves double-duty and will switch to the AUX mode when pressed again. (CD-AUX) Thank you!!
  19. They finally got me my replacement dash put in this week after a year and a half of waiting. I was qualifies for Dash and Door panels replacements but they are only doing dashes now from what I was told.
  20. Airdog99, have you gone to another shop for a second opinion? (going to a dealer doesn't seem a viable option)
  21. Hi Charles....welcome to the Club Glad to hear you're back in the Lexus fold again...can't beat a quality car from a great manufacturer Cheers, Trevor
  22. Recently just joined.i had a 91cruiser for years but eventually sold it when needed some thing a little more gas friendly.glad to be back in the fold as far as the Toyota family goes.chuck McCarthy
  23. We traded in our '07 es 350 on a cpo '14 es 350. After a few weeks driving in our Florida heat my wife and I found that our '07 seats did a much better job of cooling. We went to the dealer today and talked to one of the service advisors about the issue. She never heard of this and suggested we sit in another car to compare. I than asked her to check the service bulletins for our car and there was indeed a bulletin with our problem stated exactly. She ordered the repair parts and set us up with a repair date. This issue only effects the 2013 and 2014 models. So if you have one and feel that the ventilated seats aren't doing the job it can be fixed.
  24. My Lexus wants to take off but seems like its being held back - had both knock sensors replaced with the intake manifold but check engine light came back on about 3 hours later - but later it will run like new again and check engine light goes off - then comes back on later with engine problem again - whether its a day or an hour - its weird - any help please - mechanic from lexus dealer said ED1 connector or ECM (engine control module) - I am going to replace Mass Air flow sensor to see if that helps - any suggestions? Started to get very expensive - BEST CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED - by the way - Please help with suggestions - thank you
  25. I just replaced the cd changer/cassette deck on our 2005 RX330 with the Sony AVX-AX100 (car play unit). Purchased the deck through Crutchfield. Simple installation and gained tons of functionality. We do not have navigation. I bought the module to retain the steering wheel controls. I installed a backup camera as well. You can easily add a inexpensive headunit and gain hands free calling and bluetooth streaming and usb playback. The nice thing about purchasing through Crutchfield is they pretty much give you the harness and trim kit to do the install. I wish I could install the same head unit in our 2006 LX470, but the climate control integration prevents it.
  26. I just fixed the same problem on my car Sunday. be careful putting the plastic nut back, it is easy to cross thread it. Easy fix though. The nut on mine had come totally off I found it by my back seat
  27. Relay is good I tried that already. And Someone told me maybe it was my ground but I check that it's still the same
  28. ask the tech to remove the gas. replace the part yourself (big job, but better not paid for) ask him to gas it for you. when you get into it, post some pics and questions. i will do my best to help.
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