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  2. How many miles on the car? Check your battery terminals and make sure they are clean and tight.
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  4. Thanks for the replies - I have about 125,000 miles on the car. The issues seems steady state now - now getting worse - I only get the leak+smell when I rev up to 85+mph - California highways ;-). I'll have a mechanic check it out, especially the valve cover gasket. I replaced one of those on a 1991 Camry Wagon (V6) a long time ago.
  5. North Carolina must be ahead of the rest of us...
  6. Oil leaking at the valve cover gaskets. Make sure you replace the tube seals, the upper intake plenum gasket and the pcv valve while you're at it. You might need 6 new coil connectors too, they are usually brittle and crumble when you're removing them.
  7. How often do you pump gas? Maybe gasoline bad, fuel pump or clogged fuel filter.
  8. Check the health of your battery. Is it supplying the proper cold cranking amps and voltage?
  9. For the past year or so, if I leave the car alone for a few days, regardless of temperature it has trouble starting. When I go to start it it will crank for a while but only fully start by giving it gas. When it starts an large plume of smoke along with fuel smell fills the air. Check engine light is not on. I removed the air intake plastic stuff and put the key in the on position and a rock on the gas pedal. I removed the plate at the top of the throttle body and sprayed and cleaned out the 9 or so mini holes and the 2 larger holes. With my limited car knowledge I assumed this area to be the air intake bypass when the pictured valve is closed. I cleaned out throttle body as much as I could from the front without removing it. I had good results with this. The car started and maintained higher rpms than before. I thought it was a great success. I then left it alone for 10 days and it wouldn't start. What should I check next? Do oxygen sensors have a role is starting or just running? Does the MAF sensor have a role in starting if the throttle plate valve is closed during starting? (I didn't mess with the MAF sensor) Air filter is about a year old, lightly dirty, not filthy. Help... I like this car, but I don't like the Lexus service bill. Thanks.
  10. I found this site in my search to find out more about the 2002 RX300 I picked up the other day for $2,700. Very helpful people here! Love this site!!!
  11. hi ,i have a 2010 RX 350 AWD base model no nav package or self leveling headlights.what would be the brightest replacement low beam headlight bulb in your opinion for my rx.and a link to a place to get them,if you know of one.thanks for your time tom Quote Edit
  12. Sounds like an issue I had 2 years ago. It is difficult to tell where the oil is coming from and certainly I was fooled. I thought it was coming from lower down but in fact I solved the problem by replacing the front rocker cover gasket. A very easy job. Unfortunately, the rear gasket started leaking last year and that is not so easy to replace. It seems these gaskets have a shelf life and at 330,000kms, mine are reaching that life. The front gasket went when I was in Mexico and one of their many remarkable mechanics performed a temp solution with silicone. That cost about $20. The silicone got me home but the smell of gas returned stronger each day. Since I had seen the mechanic do the job, and I had bought a new gasket in the states when I was passing thru, it was an easy fix for me to change the gasket myself. In conclusion. Before getting into a difficult and costly job dealing with the manifold, try replacing the cover gasket. Lockie
  13. I'm going in to replace the knock sensors on my 01 RX300. What is the general wisdom on the gaskets? Do they need to be glued down? Thanks, Lockei
  14. Hi Gary, Did they ever find a root cause for your issue? Thanks adam
  15. And a new one is $700 or so.
  16. I have a 96 LS400, The speedometer Incorrect operation , how do you repair or check this case
  17. OK, so I know this topic is old (like me & my car), but is there any chance anyone knows the part number or where I can get the 10 pin male plug that would fit into the Trailer harness socket, sure I could tin wire (if my hands didn't shake much - alcohol or age?) but I'd prefer to get a plug and wire it up and then plug it in. Before anyone says "Google it" I have for about 3 hours last night and I had nightmares of drowning in electrical sockets. Great site, grovel, grovel. Hey, question, if the brake light warning is on but they both work, is it the brake light on the window? - that doesn't seem to come on when I put a 10lb barbell on it.
  18. Rpm

    ok ill check that also...I am having the transmission checked right now.
  19. Looking for a nice SUV to retire with - within a budget. Thought I was looking at a old Mercury Tribute - bad eyesight I guess. But it was a 2002 Lexus RX300 - nicest car Ive owned since my Metro Vanden Plas (Im a Brit) and that was a long time ago. Ive just had it for 5 weeks - thank goodness it really was 2 careful owners. It is a fantastic car, sometimes I just sit in it, on the driveway. And why this site, you've got some guys who really know their stuff and seem friendly and polite. The maintenance details are good.
  20. Last week
  21. Exactly - the low fuel light (as I was told by a Lexus employee) typically comes on when you have 4 gallons of gas left in the tank. It comes on in my 2013 when I supposedly have 20 miles remaining.
  22. I plan on a few more serious mods down the road and when I get to that point I'll get to that.
  23. This is the easiest way.
  24. Heated. Seat. Wont. Shut. Off. Any. Advice?
  25. I certainly understand. My wife doesn't want to give her RX up, either.
  26. This is what my searching came up with... 1998 Lexus LS400 Aftermarket Radio Wiring Harness
  27. I have a 2017 RX350 and an iPhone 6 running the latest iOS software. For some reason, I can receive texts displayed in my nav screen no problem when received on my phone, but can't receive email. I've tried everything and the dealer cannot figure out the issue either. I know that both text and email should be relayed from the phone to nav via Bluetooth so if someone can help here I would be grateful. BTW, I'm using Hotmail / Exchange and iCloud as mail clients.
  28. I have just made it a habit of changing out my filters every 50K-60K miles, its like changing out your air filter every 20K miles, if it does not need it done but you still do it anyway it can only help not hurt.... Speaking of which I need to clean out my IAC and Throttle Body (just got the car 1 month ago), this is all stuff I do when I get a new pre-owned car, its a bit over the top but I am a perfectionist.
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